Book an Event

All events should be booked well in advance with the Parmelee Farm Committee event coordinator, Peg Scofield at 203-641-2341 or

Event bookings require a signed contract and security deposit unless waived by the committee.

All events must end by 10:00 PM. The guest limit for the open-air pavilion is 150, unless given prior approval. The indoor Pond Room is limited to 50 people in a classroom setup and 35 people seated at tables. Events are no more than 5 hours, not including set up and take down.

Please inform guests that the venue is a short walk from the parking area. There is no parking directly at the pavilion. The Farm has a four-person golf cart available for rent to transport guests. The drivers will be Parmelee Farm staff only.

At no time are cars or trucks allowed to drive or park on the grass. The renting group is responsible for notifying vendors of this policy. Parking on the access road should be limited to two vehicles.

All buildings, except the restroom building (if applicable), and the gardens are off limits.

The farm will remain open to the public during events. Parking and access to certain areas may be restricted.


The Killingworth Lions Club rents round (60″) and rectangular banquet tables (8′ and 6′) and white, padded, resin chairs for a great price that includes set up and take down in the pavilion. For more information, call Terry Doyle at 860-227-4973

No open flames, candles, bonfires, fire pits, or charcoal grills. Caterers must remove all garbage from the area. No alcohol or food may be left on the premises overnight.

Smoking is prohibited everywhere on the property.

All decorations must be removed following the event. No nails, screws or other fasteners are to be used. No aerosol string (such as Silly String), rice, bird seed, oats, or confetti may be used for any event.

Tables, benches, and any other farm property must be returned to their original location.

Any rocks on the property that are moved must be returned to their original location. Do not remove stones from walls. Keep off the stone walls.

Signage at the road front must be stand alone and not be affixed to any farm trees or signage.

No food or drinks may be sold or distributed at public events without approval of the Committee and the Killingworth Health Director.

Parking: The farm has a limited number of parking spaces. ADA-accessible and guest parking is limited to 50 spaces.

All other guests and visitors must park off site. At no time should cars be parked in the driveway or block the entrance.

Special consideration may be made for Killingworth non-profit organizations who request use of the farm. The restroom fee will still apply and organizations must provide qualified parking attendants for a minimum of a half-hour prior to the event and be prepared to stay throughout if necessary. All other restrictions apply.

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pond room at night
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