sharedThe farm stand will be open Wednesdays from 10 am-12 pm, in season only. Check for signs.

Shared Harvest Garden Coordinators
Mary Solera
[email protected]

The Community Gardens has expanded its mission to include a ‘Shared Harvest Garden’ which is a food pantry garden started eight years ago at Parmelee Farm. Shared Harvest Garden is planned and worked by a team of community volunteers who learn and share their knowledge of gardening and enjoy meeting their neighbor gardeners. The purpose of Shared Harvest Garden is to provide free, fresh seasonal produce to our community at a weekly market located at Parmelee. Any remaining produce goes to Helping Hands for distribution in partnership with the Killingworth Women’s Organization. The market is on Wednesdays once the produce starts coming in. Notices will be posted at Parmelee and in local newspapers and bulletins. Everyone is welcome.

How will this work? Beginning in the spring, volunteer leaders plan the tasks for the season including, seed inventory and repairs needed, expansion details and planting schedule. Weekly emails keep volunteers informed of the weekly tasks. While the gardening days are scheduled Mondays/Wednesdays and Saturdays, volunteers also give whatever time they have that fits into their own schedule. We welcome anyone with the interest and time to give to join our crew. No matter what your gardening skill level, your help is welcome and needed: soil preparation, planting, watering, composting, weeding, pest control, and harvesting or fence maintenance. For more information on the community gardens and Shared Harvest Garden, contact Mary at [email protected].